Blogger, Content Writer, Writer-to-be

Hi there! I’m Shain, a Blogger, Content Writer, (one day I’d call myself) a Novelist and Script Writer. With experience as an IT professional and passion for writing, I provide website services that combine website design and content writing, to ensure your website looks professional, highly ranked on search engines and attract readers who will become your customers.

Writing has always been my passion, from early childhood. The power of words is significant and affects us all in every way. What we say, write or read can influence our mood, our relationships, our business and our political views. Overall, it’s all connected to our wellbeing. Navigate through my portfolio of blog posts and fiction short stories, to get a feel of my writing style. In my free time I write about life and relationships, politics, sports, parenting, career and climate change.

Why Looking For Meaning?

There is nothing spiritual or religious in my search for meaning. I’m simply and literally looking for meaning in everything around us. While the really big questions such as “what are we doing here” on this tiny planet within an endless number of galaxies, or “what is the purpose” of our lives, are thought provoking and challenging topics, I rather focus on the little things that surround us like what do the words within a song mean (exclude all Pop songs, they have no meaning at all!), let alone political comments on social media, and the power of words having an immense ability to shape our lives for good or bad. Every word counts, what lies between the lines really matters, and can set us apart between winning and losing, between hope and despair. And so, I’m consistently looking for meaning until everything just makes more sense…

My Services

  • Content Writing
  • Blogging Services
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Consultant