I’m a father of 3 young boys, a husband, an IT professional, a tennis fan, a writer-to-be.

I’m balancing work and life, enjoying precious moments with my family, struggling to parent a teenage child, reminding myself how lucky I am and appreciating what I’ve got.

I’m happily married to my best (girl)friend, my work in IT is a job but my passion lies elsewhere, I love traveling and wish I could escape the rat race, inspired by RF the king of tennis, dreaming of the day my name would be printed on a novel or a movie script.

I’m looking back and have great memories, looking forward and dream big, looking around me and trying to focus on the positive, the glass-half-full.

But I’m still confused, a bit lost sometimes, trying to figure out what lies between the lines, what are we doing here, what are we meant to do, between inspiration and desperation, I’m Looking For Meaning.