Pebbly Beach – the home of the Surfing Kangaroos

Heading further south along the coast of New South Wales, we say goodbye to beautiful Jervis Bay and travel past Pretty Beach and Merry Beach. Overall, there are something like fifteen thousand beaches along the coast of Australia, so we seem to progress quite nicely covering each and every one of them… The rain is hitting hard on our windscreen as we take a turn into a rough and muddy unsealed road, which takes us all the way to Pebbly Beach. I heard strange stories from people who traveled around the land down under, without seeing not even a single kangaroo. That’s impossible, there are so many of them all across the country. What could be more challenging would be to see them close to the water. This is where Pebbly Beach comes in handy, as it is widely known as the home of the surfing kangaroos (a myth arising from a photograph of a kangaroo in the low surf). We decided to check it out first hand.

The famous beach doesn’t disappoint, and after a short wander along the beach, we catch up with a group of kangaroos enjoying a vegetarian meal, accompanied by colourful parrots. We spend quite some time hanging around in Pebbly, making sure all the kids had enough kangaroo-time, but it’s the rain that forces us back to the car eventually. The way out is a much friendlier sealed road which connects back to the main road heading south to Ulladulla and Batemans Bay. It means a lot to us, since this is the most southern point we have ever been to on the shores of NSW. From here, everything would be a completely new experience.


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