Australia turning its back on its own Citizens

One of the basic fundamentals of a modern society is the relationship between the country and its own citizens. Most importantly – Duty of Care. A government that doesn’t protect its own citizens, is absolutely unworthy, as it is neglecting the most crucial aspects of leadership and democracy – taking care of your own people. However, in the current Covid crisis, we are not only witnessing more and more how nationalism is taking over globalism, where “every nation for itself” and we hardly reach out to help out others. Moreover, we are witnessing governments neglecting their citizens once they are stranded overseas.

Covid crisis in India

As the Covid crisis unfolds in India, the 2nd largest country in the world population-wise, the terrible sights of overloaded hospitals rejecting incoming patients, lack of oxygen in public hospitals and bodies piling up in cremation grounds around the country, there are thousands of Australian citizens stranded in India. The Australian Government in return, is not only ignoring any repatriation options, but declaring those who would attempt to come back to the land down under as criminals. Anyone caught as a returned traveller from India is risking 5 years in jail or up to $66,000 penalty. Coming back home to Australia is now considered a CRIME.

Mr Scomo / Aussie Prime Minister, don’t forget that in a democracy the people who have voted you in will one day vote you out. Your decision has a terrible smell of Racism. It’s been over 12 months since Covid started, and throughout quite a few waves across the USA, Britain and Europe, nobody called out to close the borders on our citizens in such a careless act. It’s time you sort out a valid quarantine system around Australia and stop blaming the state premiers for not doing so. It’s time to roll out the vaccine across the whole population. It’s time to get used to the fact Covid is still around and find a way to deal with it. Most importantly, it’s time to pack up your stuff and move on. You have done enough damage. What you are and what you stand for is totally UnAustralian, and it’s not the first time – Kick “ScoMo” out of office.


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