The Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park is a nature reserve in Victoria, Australia. It’s known for its sandstone mountains, wildflowers and wildlife including echidnas, emus and wallabies. Although most of the attractions are only accessible by 4WD or excessive hiking, we managed to focus on the easier walks and the beauty of its nature and wildlife around us. One of the short walks took us through large groups of emus, wallabies and kangaroos, and it’s always exciting to see the Aussie wildlife in its natural habitat.

Near the village of Halls Gap, the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre gives insight into local Aboriginal history and rock art. We learnt a lot about the region and its aboriginal history that goes back approximately 50,000 years – the oldest living human population in the world. The Aboriginal Rock Art located at the end of a short walk up the hill was very impressive, with a handprint collection of aboriginal children in different shapes and colours.

From there we took the trail that lead us to MacKenzie Falls, which unfortunately for us was quite dry, and to a lookout with views of the Victoria Range, just before sunset. We drove back to Ballarat in the dark, cautiously avoiding any native wildlife on the side of the road. Overall, the Grampians is a lovely place for a day trip. Hope you can make it one day!


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