Standing in the Rain

Standing in the rain, waiting. Joey didn’t mind the rain, although it was pouring pretty hard for the last twenty minutes or so. But he didn’t care. The sound of big drops tapping on the concrete, on top of cars moving along the road, on Joey’s half-broken umbrella. That noise was overshadowed by the voice inside his head. She will turn up. She will. She has to.

Joey’s clothes were nearly soaked. Shoes, socks, jeans. Luckily he put on his raincoat, in the very last minute, before he left his tiny apartment. That apartment, where he last saw Nicole, a year ago. Where they last made love. He could still feel the touch of her lips on his skin, the warmth of her body next to his. Three hundred and sixty five days ago, exactly. She said she needs some space, she has to go, but promised to be back, whatever it takes. “Meet me at the corner of George and Mary Street, just in front of the coffee shop where we had our very first date. Wait for me there, no matter what. In any weather. I will be there, I promise”.

Joey obeyed. He had no choice. He never stopped loving her, although the pain of being left behind by the love of his life was too hard to bear. Sometimes it felt like there’s a scar in his heart. From time to time he felt it, itchy, painful. He felt it again now, as the rain became even heavier. That’s it for today, he thought. Until tomorrow.

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