Mum passed away. After a long battle with cancer, she eventually gave in. I was there to say goodbye, I love you and thank you for everything you have given me. And sorry for not being there enough. I’ve always felt guilty for moving overseas and living away from home. But thankfully mum said she wasn’t too upset about it in recent years when she realised how happy we and the kids are.

The last few days at the Hospice were very difficult, much more than I could imagine. But at least I am feeling fortunate to have been there, next to mum. I truly appreciate having the opportunity to say my Goodbye’s and Thank You’s and I Love You’s. I will forever beat myself for choosing to live remotely, although I know I have made the right choice for many reasons.

“We all make our choices in life, the hard thing to do is live with them.” (The Words)

When I was a teenage boy, I discovered the amazing music album “The Wall”, Pink Floyd’s best ever, which immediately influenced me. It became a theme of my melancholic teenage period where I was generally a sad and isolated young man. Recently, when mum’s condition deteriorated, I found myself going back to those songs that kept me going back then, while the music and the story-line behind them always shed a tear in the corner of my eye.

Goodbye Mum. You will always be with me, forever and ever.



Written by Shain Writer

Shain Writer is a Sydney-based blogger and writer who believes there is much more to life than surviving the mad rat race. A father, a husband, a tennis fan, an IT professional. Looking back at fond memories, looking ahead with big dreams, looking around and trying to focus on the present moment, the positives, the glass-half-full. While still confused, a bit lost sometimes, trying to figure out what is the meaning of all of this, what are we meant to be doing around here, swinging between inspiration and desperation, between hope and despair, constantly Looking For Meaning.

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