Life goes Up and Down

Isn’t life a funny thing? One moment you’re up, the next you’re down. No wonder people refer to life as a roller coaster sometimes. You know what? it actually makes it far more interesting this way. Just imagine life would be same old thing every single day. That would be quite boring, wouldn’t it.

Whether you like it or not, the journey of Life is all about Highs and Lows. One day you could be at the top of the world. The next day you could be at the bottom of the ocean, or at least you would be having thoughts about burying yourself deep into the ground. Here are some thoughts that keep me going through this roller coaster called Life:

  • When you’re having a great day, spend more time with your loved ones. Tell them you love them, give them a hug, do something fun. Because you probably don’t do it enough on other days. Besides, let them enjoy You when you’re at your very best.
  • When you’re having a bad day, go to sleep early. This way your bad day is over earlier, and there’s a much better chance for you to wake up refreshed and positive the following day. It is pretty amazing how important is a good night’s sleep, and more so when you really need it.
  • On a good day, go back to your Goal Planning list that you almost forgot about, check out what is still important to you and put it back where it belongs. You don’t want to look back in regret when you’re too old to chase your own dreams.
  • On a bad day, remember to put things in the right perspective. When everything in your life looks dark and miserable, your lawn looks pale and messy, and even your kids annoy you for just sitting there on the couch doing nothing, remember that probably 80% of the world’s population doesn’t have a lawn to worry about, they might be worrying about getting fed and survive another day. And others, they might be wishing they had children at all, but they can’t. So how lucky are you to have your own beautiful healthy children and a nice house with a lawn. You should really feel bad now for not appreciating what you’ve got. Remember this next time.
  • On a good day, go and celebrate. Crack a bottle open , have a drink with your partner. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Life is too short so you better live the moment.
  • On a bad day, find some time for yourself. One-on-one, just you and potentially your headphones. Go for a walk, a run, a swim. Find a TV and watch a good old Seinfeld episode. Yada yada yada, you should be as good as new by tomorrow.

Some people prefer the same routine every day, and they really don’t like it when things don’t go to plan. However, it is when life challenges you that you find all the emotions to deal with it. You fall, you get up. You lose some, you win some. And don’t forget this one:

“If there are no Ups and Downs in your life, it means you are DEAD!”

When you’re close to tears remember
Someday it’ll all be over
One day we’re gonna get so high
Though it’s darker than December
What’s ahead is a different colour
One day we’re gonna get so high

Lighthouse Family


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