Wilsons Promontory National Park

The most southern point in mainland Australia is a very special one. Wilsons Prom. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s most definitely worth it. We traveled south-west on the shores of Victoria. Off the main road we head to Seaspray, a small coastal town, to get a glimpse of the Dunes which are part of Ninety Mile Beach, but the freezing cold wind at 14 degrees celsius is not too friendly. We keep going past beautiful side roads, passing through herds of cattle and sheep, up to Port Albert. We stop for petrol and fill up seventy two litres, which is exactly the full capacity of our tank – meaning we were driving literally on the very last drops of gas, again – and after a long day on the road, we stop for the night next to a windmills farm at the town of Toora. The caravan park has a heated pool and spa, exactly what our kids needed after a long and cold in the car. A good swim and splash to finish the day.

We left the caravan in Toora and got off to a day trip at Wilsons Prom. While we weren’t sure what to expect, we definitely did not expect such a WOW feeling. The more the day went by it became prettier and prettier. The scenery is absolutely stunning, the beaches are gorgeous with massive boulders decorating the coastline and creating such a unique view. Surrounded by hills and mountains, lush green vegetation, and much more tourists than we have seen so far on this trip. The sand is so white at Squeaky Beach (and yes, it squeaks when walked on), we did a beautiful 2KM walking track which starts at the end of the sealed road next to the camping ground (Loo-Errn Track) with amazing boardwalks and stunning views. The kids did very well during the walk and we were delighted that we went for it. On the way back, a stop at Whiskey Bay. Overall, a MUST-SEE park.

The next morning, as we mark 2000 KM for our journey since we left Sydney, we drove to Agnes Falls not far from Toora. On the way in, we stopped at the Wind Farm to check out the next-gen renewable energy facility. The kids were very excited as we read about the process of producing electricity from natural wind. We then towed our caravan further west to Venus Bay where we stopped on the beach for a picnic and warm up in the sun after a few relatively cold days. They say Victoria can get really chilly in winter, but man – it’s still summer in the southern hemisphere… The road continues all the way across the bridge to the famous Phillip Island.


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