Mount Field National Park

Heading south to one of Tasmania’s oldest national parks and also one of its most diverse – Mount Field National Park. After an interesting encounter with a friendly echidna, and a glimpse of a sneaky platypus, we took a leisurely walk through the towering tree ferns and giant eucalypts to Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Both are stunning and the whole walk is kids-friendly, meeting plenty of pademelons along the way. Later on, we aimed at taking the winding road to Lake Dobson which has longer walks and is based at the foot of the snow-dusted slopes of Mount Mawson ski field. However, we realised soon enough that the dirt road is not suitable for towing a caravan, and somehow managed to do a three-point turn – what I call “advanced level” and “do not try this at home”.

While there is a lovely campsite right next to the park’s entrance, we were a little stressed with time since we already booked our ferry back to mainland Australia. We packed the kids back in the car and headed south to the capital city – Hobart.


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