Mr Trump, You’re Fired

I’m not a big fan, to say the least. It’s been three and a half years since he got into the White House, and I still can’t believe it actually happened. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one though. Trump is a clown, a racist, egocentric, it’s all about him and his tweets, everything else is just fake news. He clearly lives in his own world, in a different dimension, where his reality is very different to what most others see. But now, with the way he has managed the COVID19 crisis, enough is enough.

For someone who claims to put “America First”, he completely lost any sensible direction. Putting the economy ahead of people’s lives is totally wrong. Ignoring experts advice on health matters is irresponsible. Dragging the US into a chaos during a once-in-a-century pandemic crisis, is poor leadership. The lack of cooperation and communication between the White House and State Governors is a clear evidence. Then, targeting the anger towards China and american citizens of chinese descent is discriminating and divisive. That’s it Mr Trump, You’re Fired!


Well, what else can you really expect from him. Pre-COVID19 Trump was a leader of his own people, not all americans, definitely not the whole world. He changed the way world leaders behave and express themselves, with aggressiveness and lack of sympathy. Trump also shifted the balance around world leadership, putting the US in a very awkward political state where US presidency is not only disrespected these days but ridiculed. He consistently provides daily material for the media to mock his unintelligent, ignorant and bully character, lacking any presidential formality, let alone leadership, someone for the people to look up to. All you really want is to look the other way in disbelief.

Sadly, COVID19 surfaced an even bigger problem on american soil, and particularly in Washington. The United States of America, which used to lead the world during crisis, help other countries and unite the world, appeared to be dysfunctioning, divided and falling behind, leaving the stage for other countries to lead and come together. An unusual, dangerous, non-conformist US president, who fires any government official who dares to disagree with him, who goes against the medical advice of public health officials , who suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment for Coronavirus. Recent modelling shows the US could have prevented majority of deaths and cases if it shut down sooner. Would you trust him to take care of your children? your family? your country? the American dream had really become a nightmare.

As new elections loom at the end of this year, the American people would be given an opportunity to choose between new hope and maintaining the status quo. It’s hard to predict how things would turn out. Will the insanity we’ve seen around Capitol Hill in the past few years continue? Just open your eyes America, and wake yourself up from this bad dream. Make it official, and say it out loud: “Mr Trump, You’re Fired!”


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