Vote Him Out

Two weeks ahead of the election, while trailing behind his Democratic opponent in the polls, Donald Trump steps up his efforts to delegitimize Joe Biden using his old tricks of false information. “Lock up the Bidens” he called out, in front of a cheering crowd, claiming his rival and his family should be sent to jail over unsupported accusations, citing Biden as a “corrupt politician” and the Biden family a “criminal enterprise”. Of course, Hillary should be jailed as well. In the background, the crowd was chanting “lock him up”. Interesting scenes, or should I say extremely worrying. So where do we start analysing this…

First, who are those people chanting “Lock Him Up” in the crowd? Who are those people following the leader with their eyes shut? Would it be a wild guess to assume that these are the type of people who believe in all those conspiracy theories that keep coming up this year? The 5G and microchips installed inside our brains by our governments, the Anti-Vaccination movement and Save The Children. Those people are somehow convinced that everything we see in the media is fake news, and in fact it’s the mainstream media’s fault of course that we got to where we are, not our leaders and their lack of action. Have these guys ever heard about doing their own Fact Check? Ever heard about the rise of the Nazis in Germany? Are you just going to stand there and let it happen all over again, because you’re too stupid and naive to have your own opinions?

Second, how can it be that we’re all looking at the same reality but see it so differently? Just look at the last four years since Trump got into the White House. We were that close to World War III, human rights within the US itself are deteriorating with tough immigration laws that separate children from their parents, Black Lives don’t seem to matter enough to the Government in Washington, right-wing extremists and white-supremacy do, the US Administration is full of cover-ups and scandals, and the lack of response nor leadership in managing the Coronavirus pandemic had cost Americans more than 200,000 lives so far. Aren’t we looking at the same statistics? Or are we saying it’s all fake news again, not really happening and it will just disappear one day? Are you really going to support a president who played down the significance of this pandemic from the start, and NOT taking any drop of responsibility to how the federal government responded and protected their millions of citizens? Is anyone here not realising that America is treated as a joke in the eyes of all nations around the world? Are you seriously thinking about having another 4 years with this amateur in Capitol Hill? Really?

Let me tell you why Trump must lose in this election. We need new Leaders, new Role Models, new Hope for our children, a generation that have seen way too many abrupt, inconsiderate and disrespectful leaders. People who only care about themselves rather than the People they are meant to lead, who have absolutely no vision, no long term plan, no care for equality, humanity, freedom or climate action. Old schoolers who are battling to maintain status quo rather than progress. What Trump did throughout these four years was changing the way politics and leadership works – you can be lacking any basic intelligence, respect, empathy and manners. Diplomacy and representation is a thing of the past. When the so-called Leader of the Free World is no less than a Clown, it sends the wrong message to children, leaders, CEOs, politicians at all levels and all over the world. You can be disgraceful but honest, you can be sexist but a good marketer, you can be disrespectful but a good liar, you can be divisive and never have to take any responsibility for your actions. Please, give us a break, literally, from this man, who risks taking us all back to very dark days. A new generation of leaders is due to rise, younger influencers who are clean of political corruption, who respect ALL humans, not just those who they represent, who are uniting and inspiring.

No wonder why these elections are considered to be the most crucial ones in many years. It’s never too late to turn things around. We can treat the last four years in America as a hiccup, and just move on. Dear America, please WAKE UP! Don’t let him fool you again and don’t let the polls fool you either. Go out and vote, Vote Him Out of the White House. It’s time for a change, for the sake of our children, there’s just no other way!


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