Australian Government in Queos

One unique thing about Australians is that we don’t like talking about politics. The conversations at meetups and barbeques mostly evolve around real estate and sports. But it’s not a hot topic to talk about our politicians, their policies, the scandals and the lack of duty of care. anything evolving in our capital Canberra. But that has to change. Recently, we have been exposed to a scandal after scandal surrounding the Parliament House, and what strikes me the most is the depth of cultural crisis, “boys club” behaviour and complete lack of leadership and responsibility.

So what is going on lately? Rape allegations inside the Parliament House were ignored and swept under the carpet two years ago, a series of sexual harassments towards female staff members, a culture of bullying in the halls of the institution which its main purpose is to shape and govern our laws. Senior ministers are part of the problem rather than the solution, and above all a coward Prime Minister who takes no responsibility for his government’s actions, a conservative and national politician who never really realised what is the role of a leader in this country. You say “Role Model”, and we roll our eyes in disbelief. We just cannot ignore what is going on in Australian politics anymore.

Shall we call out for an election? We should, as we need new blood and new leadership in this country. The problem is, most politicians down under are so naive and locked in this bad culture on Capitol Hill, that there is unfortunately no real opposition to the current leadership. Also, most Australians are so naive and don’t really care who’s leading this country, because generally life is really good over here in the lucky country. But it can be better, it should be better, as we Australians deserve much much better individuals to run the place. People to look up to, figures to admire, leaders to follow. I can’t even remember when was the last time we had a responsible adult around here.

Scomo – your time is up. It is time for a responsible government in Canberra.


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