Stanley and The Nut

We left our caravan at the cute campsite at Crayfish Creek, surrounded by bushland, and we drove off to Stanley, a little town in North-West Tasmania. The main attraction is a natural wonder – The Nut. The unusual hill above the ocean is a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. We took the chairlift to the top of the hill and walked the 2KM round trip, fighting off the blasting wind at the top which threatened to blow the children away. Stunning views of the bay, white beaches and turquoise water – one of those places that wherever you look it is absolutely breathtaking and you have to take just one more photo, and then another one.

Down at the shop we spoiled everyone with a hot chocolate to bring our body’s temperature back to normal after the freezing icy cold up there plus on the way down on the chairlift. While the kids were asleep in the car, we drove around Rocky Cape National Park, which offers unusual rock formation on the surrounding cliffs and by the water.

The following day, we felt like we would be rushing if we hook up the van and kept going, so we decided to stay, regardless of not having any reception or internet onsite. Even better! We spent half a day at the caravan park and there is always plenty to do – play at the playground, eat raspberries straight off the bush, and ride our bikes.

Eventually we got into the car and headed off to the western tip of the island. They say the wind on the western side is super strong because it travels over the ocean for thousands of kilometers without meeting any resistance from land mass, until it hits the Tasmanian shores. The wind also brings high swell, and the beach at Marrawah is well known for that. It’s the most westerly town in Tasmania with reputedly the cleanest air in the world. It’s known in the surfing world for its outstanding big wave surf which, in extreme weather, has produced waves reaching 19 metres! We were a little disappointed seeing only 3-5 metre waves, but we didn’t really complain.

Next stop was Arthur River with a nice boardwalk named The Edge of The World overlooking the ocean and plenty of waves coming from all different directions, as the river meets the ocean. We wrapped up the tour and went back to the campsite ticking off another lovely day in Van Diemen’s Land.


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