Franklin-Gordon National Park

Cutting through the heart of Tasmania, we’re crossing from the wild West Coast inland through national parks and new adventures. First stop in Queenstown, a nice town surrounded by dramatic hills and mountains, which was once the world’s richest mining town. We took a few photos at the monument at the centre of town, with a display of the mining history, but otherwise Queenstown appears to be a ghost-town.

Next, we make a few stops at Franklin-Gordon National Park, which appears to be very special. The beautiful Nelson Falls are quite impressive with a nice walk through tropical scenery. Donaghys Hill lookout provides amazing views of the whole mountain range. The Indiana-Jones-style hanging bridge at Frenchman’s Cap is definitely a highlight with the kids who are very keen to cross the narrow bridge back and forth over the river. And finally, the Franklin River Nature Trail which is an easy round trip walk. After a long day full of hiking, we head off to spend the night at Lake St Clair.


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