Wineglass Bay

Heading up north on the eastern coast of Tasmania, we are heading towards one of the biggest attractions on the island – Freycinet National Park. Freycinet has a global appeal – it is iconic, memorable and breathtaking by all means. The park is best known for the stunning beauty of Wineglass Bay with its crystal-clear waters and white beach, making it one of Tasmania’s most celebrated views.

Flock of Sheep

After departing from White Beach we stopped at Swansea for a little picnic on the beach, had an interesting encounter with a herd of sheep which blocked the road, then parked the caravan in a free spot not far from the national park. It was already afternoon when we got there, which only left us a short time to get a glimpse of the stunning views and take a couple of short walks, as a warm up for the big bushwalk tomorrow morning. Luckily we found that the kids are super excited about the walks and we can only hope they would still feel the same half way through… Back at the campsite we warmed up next to the campfire and cooked potatoes for dinner, to add an extra amount of carbs.

Coles Bay

The following morning we announced it was going to be a Big Bushwalk day at the Freycinet NP. The main walk goes up the hill to one of the most visited lookouts around Australia, overlooking the amazing Wineglass Bay. The 3 kilometers walk is packed with adventures around plenty of unusual rock formations along the way. Once you get to the top, it’s worthwhile the effort as the white beach and turquoise water in front of you is no less than a perfect postcard. Another 3 kilometers walk take you down to the Wineglass Bay beach to actually step on this magical strip of white sand.

Freycinet National Park
Wineglass Bay

On the way back, the kids where so excited and played hide-and-seek in between the rocks. A short drive from there is Cape Tourville which is offering amazing views and an easy walking track that loops around the lighthouse, right on the cliff edge. The walk overlooks sights like the Hazards, Wineglass Bay and nearby offshore rocks known as The Nuggets. The water is crystal-clear and you just cannot have enough of it.

Rock Formation - Wineglass Bay
Cape Tourville


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  1. Beautiful landscapes.

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    1. Oh yes, Tasmania is a hidden gem!

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