Goodbye and No Thank You 2021

It’s always better to have no expectations to avoid disappointment. This is possibly the biggest mistake we have made this year. Thinking that once 2020 will be behind us, Covid will be over and life will get back to some sort of normality. But 2021 proved us awfully wrong, and what we got was more of the same, if not much worse.

These last two years had blended together, to the degree we feel stuck in an endless loop. We’re still counting the number of Covid cases even when most of our population is fully vaccinated. We’re still fearing new variants will take us back to the beginning of the pandemic. We’re still scarred from long lockdowns and mental health breakdowns.

However, we must look at the positives and simply don’t expect too much from the new year. Let’s just assume it will, again, be a continuation of life as we know it, where our resiliency will be stretched even further. Expect to leave your face-mask on, live with restrictions and travel bans, be prohibited from visiting your own children’s schools, work from home (if you can) five days a week with the occasional trip to the office. It is what it is, anything else will just be a nice surprise.

So long Year 2021, we won’t miss you at all. Hoping for a positive turn of events in the new year, with an end to the pandemic, an end to lame political leadership, an end to racism and gender inequality. Here’s to new beginnings. Happy New Year everyone, may 2022 find you healthier and happier than ever before. Good luck and keep safe.

Happy New Year
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