Covid, Climate and War: Give Peace a Chance

It’s been two years since the word COVID-19 emerged and sent us all into lockdown and isolation. The pandemic changed the world. The way we work, solcialize and travel. Everything transformed just like that, adding a lot of stress and affecting our mental health. To some degree, it seems like some things will be different forever. However, as the Omicron wave is fading out, as many people around us already caught the virus, and arguably – whether it was planned or not – herd immunity has been achieved, we are definitely ready to move on to post-pandemic days. Is it time to cheer already?

Well, not quite. While we nervously wait for the next Covid variant, we are back to deal with problems we have left behind. Climate change is so real, it’s absurd that some people, let alone leaders and governments, still ignore or deny it. There are floods and bushfires all around the world, breaking temperature, rainfall and all sort of climate records, throwing humans all over again into chaos and despair, while we don’t seem to do enough to change these weather patterns. Have we crossed the point of no return?

The war is Ukraine is a shocking evidence that one hundred years after the world wars Europe is back in a state of conflict and self-destruction. Putin is threatening a nuclear war, millions of Ukrainian refugees flee the country while many others stay and fight against the Russian military. It is unbelievable that while war crimes are being committed, the rest of the world is sitting and watching. We are not doing enough to stop this madness, while any escalation may drag us all into World War III. Is this how it all ends?

Humans are capable of greater things. If we stick together we can push back all sorts of aggression around the world, we can keep global peace, we can fight climate change, we can end racism and gender inequality. We are all equal, we are all the same, we must give peace a chance.


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