The Future of Australia to be Decided Today

Politics sucks. That’s an understatement. If we had good people in politics, we wouldn’t have this conversation. But the reality is, most of the brilliant people around the world don’t go to politics, they prefer the corporate world, innovation, technology, you name it. Anything but the corrupted world of politics. We see that everywhere, and we end up with leaders like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison.

It’s election day down under today, and more than 17 million people will cast their vote to shape the future of Australia. But will they elect to change the current government? It looks like this race will go down to the wire, as much as I personally find it a shocking evidence of how people are afraid of change, have given up hope and prefer to go with the devil they know.

Our current Prime Minister is, by all means, the worst leader ever to govern this country. A pathological liar, a bully, a christian extremist and a very poor manager who never takes responsibility for absolutely anything. He treats women the way old white men treated women back in the 1950’s, he treats gay and transgender as plague, gender equality is not on his agenda, and apparently Climate Change is not an issue at all, as he thrives on donations from his friends in the coal mining and fossil fuels corporate. There is absolutely nothing modern about him, he rejects the idea of an anti-corruption and a Federal Integrity Commission, and yet convinces half of this country that we have a strong economy although the cost of living is rising and wages move backwards. And please, please don’t get me started about “I don’t hold a hose, mate” when the whole country was on fire and the PM secretly went holidaying in Hawaii.

How can anyone look in their children’s eyes and say we are doing everything we possibly can to save this planet? That we are fighting for equality on all fronts as we are all the same and we respect each other? How can anyone approve the government’s decisions in the past 2 COVID years, with late vaccinations, lack of RAT tests, and blocking fellow expat Australians from coming back home. How can anyone accept such poor leadership which has taken Australia backwards on all fronts, divided the nation and lost much respect from leaders around the world.

People are scared of change, they think short-term, and don’t look any further than their own pocket. Give them a discount on petrol prices momentarily and they will cheer for you. Throw election-money at them and they will forget the disgrace you have brought on us. Tell them the economy is strong and unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 years, and they won’t notice that the main beneficiaries are big corporates rather than hard-working individuals.

Yes, the alternatives may not be shiny and perfect. Opposition leaders are often inexperienced in politics, but they bring a new wave of hope to actually make things better, to work for us rather than work to maintain their own power. When politicians lose their way, they must lose our support and we should give someone else a chance to lead. Australians, please vote for a change, because we all deserve better. Much better than this.


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