Geelong, Victoria

At the gateway to the Great Ocean Road lies the lovely city of Geelong. We arrived here after a long drive from Ballarat, and discovered a cute and relatively big city. After all, Geelong is the second largest Victorian city behind Melbourne.

After parking our caravan in one of the many parks around town, we headed off to the beautiful Waterfront Walkway. The waterfront in Geelong has plenty of activities. It stretches along Corio Bay, passing Eastern Beach, Cunningham Pier, the Baywalk Bollards and plenty of playgrounds, local cafes and restaurants.

The Baywalk Bollards that are dotted along the coastal path have been carved out and painted by a local artist to depict people that played a huge part in the town’s history. It started as an art project and have grown into an iconic trail exploring the key characters who shaped the city throughout history. They are Geelong’s most photographed faces and they stand strong and tall along the city’s foreshore.

Towards the end of the walk lies the arguably largest Ferris Wheel in the southern hemisphere, which makes the Geelong Waterfront even more attractive for children. Keen to take a ride and check out the spectacular views of Corio Bay from its heady heights? Why not.

We finished a long day’s walk with ice cream for the kids as a treat, before heading back to the caravan for a good rest and staying in touch with family and friends through Skype calls and photo sharing.

Baywalk Bollards
Baywalk Bollards
Geelong Waterfront Ferris Wheel
Geelong Waterfront Ferris Wheel
Geelong Waterfront

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