Novak Djokovic – You Can’t Win

On the brink of history, one match away from a historic Grand Slam, one that his greatest rivals – Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal – had never achieved. Djokovic now stands tall and aims to conquer the tennis world’s peak with the most grand slam wins ever. But Novak, know this – you can’t win!

Where is Men’s Tennis NextGen?

Can someone please tell me what is going on? Why are we celebrating the immortal heroes of sports overall, and tennis in particular, amazed by the longevity and complete dominance of the older generation, who keep winning grand slams. The real question to ask is where the hack is men’s tennis next generation?

The neverending Tennis GOAT Debate

In recent years the debate over the Tennis G.O.A.T has been going on and on. Who is the Greatest Of All Time? Some say it’s impossible to compare between the different generations, others argue that it should be clearly defined by the most number of grand slam wins. Tennis is an amazing sport full of statistics, and one could spend an endless amount of time going through the figures, compare between the champions and keep the debate going endlessly.