Life as a Tennis Match

Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, it’s quite fascinating to see how a tennis match resembles life itself, facing and overcoming challenges and having to do your very best to win. Here are a few reasons why:

You’re pretty much alone out there

While you do have a team, a coach, a trainer, a parent and a  beautiful partner sitting in your player’s box and viciously supporting you, it is you who stand there on the court, on your own, expected to deliver and execute. All the hours of training, the words of advice, the endless support and love you get from the people around are super important to make you who you are and build your confidence to face the next challenge. But at the end of the day it is you who stand there in the middle of your own centre court, whether it’s your workplace, your classroom, your own home, and you have to bring your A game in order to achieve your goals, make the best of it, enjoy life, win and move up to the next level.

Never give up. Fight till the end

“It’s not over till it’s over” says the phrase, and it is inspiring to see some of the bigs guns out there in tennis  giving it everything, fighting till the last point, never giving up, believing they can still turn things around even when it looks impossible. This is when we hear words like Epic Battle and Amazing Comeback. In real life this is so true. You can achieve your goals if you really believe in yourself, brush off any doubts in your mind and keep fighting. Never ever give up!

Hang in there even if it’s not your best day

Sometimes it is simply not your best day. It happens. The tennis superstars, while comprehending that today nothing works the way they planned it – the serve is just not there, the number of unforced errors is on the rise and even your approach to the net doesn’t seem to change momentum – they don’t get too stressed about it. What do they do? They simply hang in there, holding their service games somehow and waiting for the opponent to drop the level of their game. This is where they see the opportunity to get back into the match and put the pressure back on. We all have those days, we just need to hang on and get through the though moments, wait for the change in momentum, then seize the next opportunity and get back on track.

It’s all about consistency if you wanna stay at the top

You gotta work hard day in and day out, practice every day, work on that backend again and again to make it even better, it’s never good enough as there is always room for improvement. In our daily lives there are things we’re good at, and things we’re not so great at. We have to work on improving both, get better at what we struggle with, and master those things we’re good at, become the very best. Some say you should really focus on those things you are doing the best.

Love what you do, it will push you to get great results

The big names in tennis today really seem to love the game and enjoy every moment on the court, from practice sessions to big matches on centre court. Roger Federer and Serena Williams are inspiring examples. In our lives, we will do much better if we enjoy what we do on a daily basis. The alternative is to be grumpy at work, unsatisfied, and ending up like some of the Australian next generation who just don’t like the game and don’t seem to have enough motivation to go to work every day. Such a bad example to our young generation. In life, whenever I come across someone who provides bad service to customers, I tell them they should look for another job. It’s obvious people with no motivation, who don’t enjoy what they do, will not do it well. I do appreciate those who seem to really enjoy what they do. More so, I’m jealous at them. When you spend such a big part of your day at work, you trally want to enjoy it. Definitely not to suffer. This is where we all should aim for.

You cannot change what happened but you can recover from it

Bad stroke, framed it, missed a shot, lost a set. You cannot change it but you van mentally move on and just keep working hard to get back into the match. You can see the body language of tennis players and how they react to events during a match. Some will turn a missed opportunity into a complete meltdown and mentally lose the match overall. While the big guns are strong enough to take a deep breath,, put it aside and move on, on the way to recovery. They, in most cases, will turn things around. Life is full of ups and downs, in relationships, career and your general mood. Don’t allow a letdown drag you to negative territory, look for a recovery path, start from minimising the damage and think longer term on how to improve things.

Overall, LIFE as well as TENNIS, is a mind game. Think:

How do I overcome the challenges ahead

      How do I get around the obstacles

             How do I get to the next round

                     How do I WIN this!

To become a champion you have to conquer your fear. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Dream big. Be positive. The rest will just be fine.

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