How to Publish your Short Stories

Every Writer-to-Be tends to have these doubts at some point of their journey. Am I good enough? Will anyone ever be interested in reading my creative work? Or is it all going to waste… Another obstacle we face is how to get our stories out there. Do we have to find a proper publisher like in the old days, given the chances are low to ever get published? Or are there other options in the digital world to put our words out there and give them the life they deserve?

I have recently updated my blog Looking For Meaning, where I normally write about different topics like traveling, parenting, career, sports, inspiration, politics and climate change, into a platform to post Short Stories. I write fiction stories and manuscripts about life, relationships, trust and what lies between them. The world of fiction is a fascinating one and the more you read, the more you want to keep reading. To review some of my recent work, please take the time to navigate through my portfolio of Short Stories and send me your honest feedback.

So what is the next step? How do Writers-to-Be like you and me can put our words out there? Apparently there are quite a few options. Here’s a rundown of some of them for Australia-based writers, with the mindset of starting locally.

  • The Australian Writer’s Marketplace contains listings directory featuring opportunities for writers, with submission and contact details for Magazines, Newspapers, Publishers, Literary Agents, Industry Organisations, and Literary Awards. Everything you need to GET PUBLISHED.
  • Short Australian Stories is run by a publishing company named Spineless Wonders. The multi-platform is devoted to short, quality fiction produced by Australian writers. They are interested in brief fiction in all its forms – from short stories to novella.
  • Writing NSW is a leading provider of services to writers, including courses, seminars and workshops, writing groups, festivals and events, grants and prizes, information and advice on publishing your short story & poetry collections.

Clearly, many more options are available in the US and UK, which can turn your journey into a global success! There are a couple of incredibly informative reads which I came across recently:

So You Wanna Be a Writer? What are we waiting for… get back to work.


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  1. I am in Canada and I highly recommend as a valuable resource for online publishing of short stories and articles.


  2. Thank you Elizabeth for the recommendation. Much appreciated.


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