The Great Australian Road Trip

I’m rubbing my eyes, tilting my head from side to side, pinching my cheeks right and left. Is this really happening? It’s one of those things you plan in your head for a long time, and when the time comes you just cannot believe it’s actually happening. We are about to leave our ordinary lives behind and hit the road, the great Land Down Under is awaiting, Australia here we come. Wait, let’s just go over the checklist one more time: Car? tick. Caravan? tick. Kids? tick! Playlist? tick. Route? Mmm, we’ll figure that out as we go. No time to plan too much, just the general direction, we should be fine.

So, after planning this for a while but never actually thinking we’re going to be brave enough to do it, everything kind of fallen into place, and we decided NOW is the right time. The kids are young, we love camping and traveling, so why not Just Do It. We packed most of our stuff in storage, waited for the end of School Holidays (in Australia the summer break is from Xmas till the end of January), and right when everyone is back to school and work, when caravan parks are cleared of crowds and roads outside the cities are quite abandoned, there couldn’t be a better timing to hit the GO button.

I’ll be sharing our journey here on this blog, so make sure you visit the Travel section for daily updates and plenty of photos. I better get going now, there’s so much to do – wrap up packing, say goodbyes to family and friends, adjust the adrenalyn levels so we can focus clearly – and there’s so much to see out there. Beaches, deserts, hills and plains. The Outback. Meeting new people every day. Enjoying the unique australian wildlife. Besides, who knows where the road will take us. If you’ll never try, you’ll never know.


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