Minimalism on the Road

Road trip around Australia – sounds good right? Absolutely. But before we can actually head off, we’re on a mission to shrink the content of the caravan by 50%. At least! Clearly, we should have made ourselves familiar with the concept of Becoming a Minimalist, way before we started packing.

But, it’s never too late, and even the burning hot weather outside (42 degrees celsius) will not stop us. With a few round trips to the storage place, we managed to eliminate all those unnecessary items and cleared much required space for the months ahead. After such an effort we needed a quick escape to the nearby mall where the aircon served us as a life saver – apparently the aircon in the caravan is just not enough…

Tip of the Day: on a really hot day, go to the nearest supermarket, stand in front of the dairy products huge refrigerator, or even better – the Ice Cream freezers, open the door and just take your time…

Last minute preparations, ticking a few more things off the list – shopping for a few days, a full tank of petrol and a car wash – not sure exactly why, it’s going to get really dirty in no time. Anyway, we’re almost ready to get out of the big city and start exploring. Tomorrow is a new day.


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