Kiama and the Blowhole

That’s it, heading off. Goodbye Sydney, see you again in a few months after we finish the big loop around Australia. Funnily enough, a storm approached the city which suffered a heatwave in the last week or so. That was definitely a good practice for us to pack up the van and hook up the car in the speed of light. I close my eyes and say a little prayer as I push the odometer button to zero-out the kilometer count, and we hit the road with Bon Jovi in the background.

A hundred and fifty kilometers south of Sydney is the beautiful town of Kiama, our first stop. Shops, cafes, beaches, lighthouse (oh, there are many of them around Australia) and the don’t-miss Blowhole. The weather is nice, white clouds paint the sky, the swell gently approaches from the big open-wide ocean and as it hits the coastal rocks of Kiama just under the tall white lighthouse, massive blows of water crust splashes out of the blowhole, to the amazement of our three young children and plenty of other tourists. Sure, we can stay here all day long as every blow is unique, more exciting, alive, like a whale spraying water as it reaches the surface to breathe.

Eventually we depart from the tourist attraction, not before we stop for coffee and banana bread to ensure everybody’s happy and energised. We take a break on the lawns overlooking the bay, thinking how lucky we are to be out here at the beginning of our family adventure. Kiama is such a lovely town with a market and a massive playground, enough for everyone in all ages. Good start!


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