It’s Time

It’s funny. Sometimes you simply need a kick-in-the-gut to make you understand something you have already known for a while. Something needs to happen to force you to finally take some action and get out of your comfort zone. Well, it finally happened to me. I’ve been trapped in a convenient job, great location, stable, mostly fun though it started to get quite routine. But it was OK, although the spark was missing for quite some time. So what do we tend to do? take some action and make a change? why would we as long as everything is ticking along quite nicely, the job is paying, and overall it’s not that bad is it. Stuck in our comfort zone, afraid of a change, and looking at the positives. And then, out of nowhere, something quite serious happened at work. A little earthquake in the workplace, one that you cannot ignore anymore. For me it was an announcement on a few movements in management roles, promotions, and I wasn’t part of it at all. But what mostly striked me was the fact that I wasn’t even part of the conversation, and haven’t even realised what was going on behind the scenes. So yes, I immediately realised, while struggling to fight off the little choke in my throat, that it’s time. Time to move on. Time to take action. Time to recollect my thoughts and go back to the basic questions and aspirations. You haven’t been living your dream anyway, so here’s your chance to make a real change. So a couple of days later, after putting off all my negative thoughts and blame whoever ‘did this to me’, I eventually realised how good this actually is. This is great, this is awesome, and although it hurts quite a fair bit, this was just the opportunity I was subconsciously waiting for. With every door that closes, a new one opens – all you need to do is find that open door. There could be more than one, and it’s simply out there, if you dare to open your eyes, take a deep breath, and start a new adventure. So this is roughly how this blog came to life. I always wanted to make it happen, all I needed was, apparently, a little setback, to shake things up and get me to open my eyes and start looking for new opportunities. Have you ever felt like this before?

We weren’t born to follow
Come on and get up off your knees
When life is a bitter pill to swallow
You gotta hold on to what you believe
Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow
And that your saints and sinners bleed
We weren’t born to follow
You gotta stand up for what you believe
Let me hear you say yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah



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  1. Julia says:

    Hi. I’m a day late from Susie’s social media day. I followed you on twitter. The name of your blog drew me in. I chose to check out this older post because I’m starting a new phase. Arrived in St. John yesterday. Planning to focus on my blog and see what it can become. You seemed like the best place for inspiration and helping me focus these 6 weeks. Thanks!


    1. Shain Writer says:

      Hi Julia,
      Thank you for the kind words. We all get inspiration from one another as we go along. Good luck and all the best on your new journey. I will definitely be following.


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