Perfect Day

There’s a lot of buzz around T2 Trainspotting, the follow up movie 20 odd years after the original black comedy that we all loved as teenagers or young adults. Funny thing is, once we went back to watch the original Trainspotting, my first reaction was “I would never let my own kids watch it!”. Well, at least as long as I can control it. I didn’t quite remember how much of a drug-addict story it was, but as a child I loved it. The soundtrack was legendary (and still is), and the story line is all about freedom of choice (although when you look at it from an adult point of view, these guys have always picked the worst possible choice). Anyway, it makes you wonder what your own kids would think about the movie once they get to the age they’d be watching this type of movies with their friends, and put to the test every single bit of education you’ve put into them throughout their childhood, hoping that some of it would sink in and they would make the right choices if and when the opportunities may arise.

For now, my kids are young and protected, under mum’s and dad’s close supervision. Everybody keep telling us to embrace these years, because they would be gone before you know it. Time flies and one day all of a sudden the kids won’t be keen to spend time with you, they would prefer to go along with their own friends, and the magical moments of childhood and spending precious time together as a family would all be good old memories. And so, we definitely embrace these early years and precious moments, and try to make the best of it. You only live once, and you only have one go at it, so make the best of it. Your kids are the most important thing in your life, so make sure you spend as much time as possible with them. Don’t let other things get in the way, like work, career, time consuming hobbies etc. Be there with them, be there for them. Enjoy it while you can.

So here’s a special memory I’ve had just recently. We went on a long weekend camping trip just north of Sydney (where we live) to a little seaside town in the Central Coast. All we needed was a beautiful day, clear blue skies, gorgeous views of the ocean and the nearby creek, a kayak, 3 boogie boards, inflatable boat, sunscreen and a mission – to float downstream when the low tide kicks in, and make it all the way to the point where the river meets the sea. Then crash on the sandbank and spend a couple of hours exploring and enjoying the view. Nothing more, nothing less. Simply spending time together and making the best of it. No worries about work, money, things to do. No distractions at all. Simply focusing on the moment, looking at these little creatures and the way they enjoy life’s most basic things – drawing on the sand, looking for treasures and shells, lying down and giggle endlessly as life is just a beautiful thing. You can learn so much from them, you wish you’ve had this laid back attitude every day. So why wouldn’t you really. It makes you appreciate what’s really important in life – Family, Children, Love. By all means, it was just a perfect day.

Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on



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